History of Homebrewing
Beer has been brewed by ‘homebrewers’ dating back to 5000 BC. In colonial times homebrewing was a common household practice, typically performed by women. Many of America’s founders were homebrewers, including George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

In 1920, Prohibition was enacted and it was illegal to brew any beverage above 0.5% ABV. This ban was still in-place long after Prohibition was abolished! In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed the bill H.R. 1337 into law, which allowed Americans to freely brew beer again! Of course not every state legalized homebrewing, as Mississippi and Alabama proved how inept they were by legalizing homebrewing on July 1, 2013. Thankfully it is now legal to brew beer in all 5-states. God bless America!

Homebrewing Recipes
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