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Dutch beer is typically summed up as light Pilsner lagers. While this is the predominant beer found in the country, they also enjoy witbiers and boks.

The Dutch brewing history can be traced back to the Middle Ages where it was mainly brewed in monasteries as a common beverage. By the 1600’s, brewing beer became more of a profession and commercial breweries began to pop up throughout the country. Amersfoort, Delft, Haarlem and Gouda became important brewing cities, and they housed most of the country’s breweries.

By the 1900’s the country was home to 180 breweries, but the brewing industry was devastated by World War II. Many of the country’s breweries were destroyed by bombs and barley became scarce (essential for making malt). After the war 80 breweries remained, but they began to disappear as they either closed their doors or were bought-up by Heineken. By the 1980’s there were only 14 breweries left.

While there are four major breweries in the country (Grolsch, Bavaria and Heineken), there is diversity as special and local beers gained in popularity. As of 2019, there were 600+ breweries in the Netherlands.

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