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While Italy is considered to be part of Europe’s wine belt, but the existence of beer in Italy dates back to 560 BC. The Italians used to refer to beer as Barley Wine, and the Etruscans were drinking that in 600 BC. In 1789, Italy had its first brewery- Setter in Piedmont. This was followed by Wuhrer in 1829, and by 1894 the country had 151 breweries. Unfortunately the 20th Century would see a sharp decline in breweries, as Italy was affected by war and restrictions on imports of malt and hops. As a result they country was down to just 35 breweries in 1930.

While there are few national brands, the country has seen a resurgence in the craft beer market. As of 2018, there were 813 breweries and brewpubs in the country.

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