Stella Artois Midnight Lager

Stella Artois Midnight Lager

Stella Artois Midnight Lager

Country- Belgium
Brand- Stella Artois
Type- Lager
Average Beer Rating- 4

Stella Artois Midnight Lager has bold notes of chocolate and caramel with a cold, refreshing finish. The ABV for Midnight Lager is 5.4%.

Glass to Use:
Lagers are best served in a Pint glass.

About the Brewery
In 1708, Sebastien Artois became the head brewer at Den Hoom brewery in Leuven, Belgium. Artois would purchase the brewery in 1717 and rename it Brouwerij Artois. Brouwerij Artois would launch Stella Artois in 1926 as a Christmas beer. Stella Artois is currently part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, but is still produced in Leuven.

Beer Reviews:
Tobin’s Review 4 out of 5
Stella’s Midnight Lager has a pitch black hue, nice tight tan head and aromas of sweet chocolate malt. The beer is smooth with malt and has flavors of light chocolate and a burnt caramel finish. This is definitely a good beer!

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