Saranac Winter Warmer

Saranac Winter Warmer

Saranac Winter Warmer

Country- USA
State- New York
Brand- Matt Brewing Company
Type- American Brown Ale
Average Beer Rating- 3

Saranac Winter Warmer features five different malts and a blend of cinnamon and ginger for a flavorful mix of Christmas cookie-like spices and rich maltiness. The ABV for Saranac Winter Warmer is 5.8%.

Glass to Use:
Brown Ales are best served in a 16oz. pint glass.

About the Brewery
Francis Xavier ‘F.X.’ Matt came to the US from Germany in 1878, where he began working for Carl Bierbauer’s Columbia Brewery. In 1888, he would transform the Bierbauer Brewery into the West End Brewing Company. Prohibition was enacted in 1920 and the brewery would survive this terrible time in American history by producing Utica Club soft drinks. When Prohibition ended in 1933, the West End Brewing Co. was the first in the nation to obtain a license and to sell beer.

In 1980 F.X. Matt II would become president of the brewery and rename the F.X. Matt Brewing Co. in recognition of his grandfather. The brewery is now known as the Matt Brewing Company and it is the 4th oldest family-owned brewery in the US. It’s most popular beer is Saranac.

Beer Reviews:
Tobin’s Review 3 out of 5
Saranac Winter Warmer has a dark copper hue, nice compact beige head and aromas of cinnamon and malt. The beer is smooth, has a really grainy taste and ends dry.

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