NOLA 7th Street Wheat

NOLA 7th Street Wheat

NOLA 7th Street Wheat

Country- USA
State- Louisiana
Brand- NOLA Brewing Company
Type- Wheat
Average Beer Rating- 4

NOLA 7th Street Wheat is a filtered American-style wheat ale. The beer is light-bodied and refreshing with citrus and herbal notes from the fresh lemon basil that is added after fermentation. The ABV for NOLA 7th Street Wheat is 4.5%.

Glass to Use:
Wheat beers are best served in a Weizen glass.

About the Brewery
Kirk Coco founded the NOLA Brewing Company in 2008. When he started the company, he brought in Peter Caddoo who was Dixie Brewing’s head-brewer. The pair started with NOLA Blonde and NOLA Brown. Since those modest beginnings, they have a wide variety of beers that they produce year-round as well as seasonal beers.

Beer Reviews:
Tobin’s Review 4 out of 5
NOLA 7th Street Wheat has a cloudy hue with a small head. The beer has a slight aroma of lemon with a light acidic lemon basil finish.

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