Miller Lite

Miller Lite

Miller Lite

Country- USA
State- Wisconsin
Brand- Miller Brewing Company
Type- Pilsner Beer
Calories- 96
Average Beer Rating- 4

Miller Lite is an American Pilsner that is light brewed for more flavor. The beer has only 96 calories. The ABV for Miller Lite is 4.2%.

Glass to Use:
Pilsner beers are best complemented in a tall, slender and tapered glass such as the classic Pilsner glass.

About the Brewery
In 1855 Frederick Miller purchased the Plank Road Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After the purchase Miller would rename the brewery the Miller Brewing Company. The brewery remained family owned until 1966, when W.R. Grace and Company bought the brewery. Three years later Philip Morris would purchase the brewery and sell it in 2002 to South African Breweries, becoming SABMiller. In 2007 SABMiller and Molson Coors combined. Molson Coors eventually took over sole ownership in 2016.

Beer Reviews:
Tobin’s Review 4 out of 5
Miller Lite has a light gold hue. The beer has aromas of malt with a light caramel flavor. This is one of my favorite session beers on a hot day.

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