Erdinger Oktoberfest

Erdinger Oktoberfest

Erdinger Oktoberfest

Country- Germany
Brand- Erdinger Weissbräu
Type- Oktoberfest
Average Beer Rating- 4

Erdinger Oktoberfest has an intense golden yellow hue with finely distributed cloudiness and a white froth head. The aromas of the beer are slightly fruity, fresh with delicate notes of hopes and yeast. The beer is strong, well rounded and well balanced for a smooth, supple and full-bodied finish. The ABV for Erdinger Oktoberfest is 5.7%.

Glass to Use:
Marzens are best served in Steins.

About the Brewery
In 1886, Johann Kienle founded Weisse Bräuhaus in Erding, Germany. The brewery was sold in 1930, and sold again in 1935 to Franz Brombach. In 1949 he would change the name to Erdinger Weissbräu. The brewery began to export their beers to Austria and Italy in the 1970’s and currently exports to five continents and over 90 countries.

Beer Reviews:
Tobin’s Review 4 out of 5
Erdinger Oktoberfest has a light honey hue with a strong compact white head. I pick up aromas of malt and slight hops on the nose with a malty mouth and light hop flavors. This is a very refined, well balanced Oktoberfest which is good, crisp and slightly sweet.

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